Nancy Thoman

Nancy Thoman

I was watching a woman do tai chi in a park and went over to talk with her.  She kindly invited me to a weekly tai chi session held in a church hall. 

I could barely see the instructor for all the bodies in front of me.  After several weeks, I felt no closer to understanding how to do tai chi than I had at the start.  Having taught on the college level, I really craved more detailed instructions.  This went on for several months – until it abruptly ended.  The teacher decided to stop teaching tai chi and write a book instead.

I put out word that I was interested in tai chi, and several months later I joined Holly Sweeney-Hillman’s class in Montclair.  It was a revelation.  Holly broke down each posture and patiently told me how to transfer the energy from one position to the next.  Holly has been my teacher for about twenty years at this point.  I achieved my Copper Tiger or Level 4 ranking in the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association along the way.  I have been an Associate Instructor for about three years.

Although I love weapons, esp. sword, I decided to concentrate on offering classes to absolute beginners.  I wanted them to progress faster than I did.  I offer a weekly class in New York City through my Meet-Up group, but others are welcome, too.  If you like, you can call me at 212-982-1885 to discuss joining.

In addition to my weekly group class ($20) at Simple Studios in Manhattan on Thursday evenings at 6PM, I am also available for individual classes for those people, who prefer to learn by themselves.  I also work with people with neurological disorders on a one-to-one basis, adapting tai chi moves to their abilities.  I charge $75-100/hour for these classes in NYC and on weekends in NJ, depending on if my clients have access to a gym or not.

Tai chi is a beautiful, life-affirming exercise that does wonderful things for your body, mind and spirit.  I love sharing it.