Judith Rew

Judith Rew
Judith Rew

I began training in Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in 2002 and have achieved the level of Copper Tiger (Level 4). I became an Associate Instructor in 2011 and took over the management and teaching of all classes at Tai Chi Montclair.

In August 2012 I competed in the Yang Traditional Tai Chi Fourth International Invitational Tournament of Shanxi Province, China, and earned two bronze medals. In 2019 I competed in Selvino, Italy in the first International Yang Family International Association Tournament.

Before tai chi, I trained in Goju Ryu and Shotokan karate for almost 15 years, but stopped when a back injury made it unwise to continue. I sought something that would heal me while also satisfying my interest in the martial arts, and knew from the first class that tai chi would become a lifelong practice. Tai chi contributed greatly to my complete recovery from the back injury and also saved me from the occupational hazards of my career as a graphic designer.

Martial arts training began as a strong interest in self defense for women and I now focus on the physical and mental health benefits of tai chi. In additional to Tai Chi Montclair, I teach in senior and community centers, colleges, a mental health hospital and correctional institutions. Bringing tai chi and its benefits to underserved communities is an important part of my mission as a teacher.

Tai Chi Classes

6:15-7:15pm, beginners; 7-8:00 intermediate/advanced (includes push hands practice);
8-8:30 sword and saber form practice
at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation 
67 Church Street, Montclair

10:30-11:45am and 7-8:15pm (all levels)
at the Flow Studios, 127 Grove Street, Montclair

9:30-10:30 (beginners)
10:30-11:30am (intermediate/advanced)
at the Flow Studios, 127 Grove Street, Montclair

Tai Chi Class Fees

One class (drop in): $18
Four classes: $50 (prepaid)
Eight classes: $90
Ten classes: $105