Holly Sweeney-Hillman

Holly Sweeney-Hillman
Tai Chi
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Balance is the keystone of a happy life.
Holly Sweeney-Hillman

My practice of tai chi began in 1985 but it was not until I met Grandmaster Yang Jun and his grandfather, Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo in 1995 that I became a serious and passionate student of tai chi.  I was in graduate school at New York University, earning a Masters degree in Orthopedic Biomechanics, when I attended their seminar in traditional Yang Family Tai Chi and it changed my life forever.

My journey with tai chi is currently more than three decades long and my passion and fascination for tai chi continues to grow.  Tai chi has been a positive influence in all aspects of my life. I have come to appreciate how the daily practice of tai chi, which is a daily study of balance and harmonious movement, leads to increased equanimity, resilience and joy in every day of living.

 Love and beauty are the essential motivations that keep me moving, studying and teaching tai chi.  In my experience, there is not a more beautiful movement art in the world than tai chi and there is not a more profound one.   I love the complexity and depth of tai chi.  I love the challenge of teaching this art.

Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor of Tai Chi at Kean University, Union, New Jersey and Director of an official Yang Family Tai Chi Center in Gladstone, NJ.   I have written numerous articles for the International Journal of Tai Chi Chuan and conduct accredited classes on the Anatomy and Biomechanics of Tai Chi for the Yang Family Teachers Academy.

Information on Classes

I teach beginner through advanced tai chi classes in bare hand forms and weapons forms at my school in Gladstone (across from the Purnell School campus on Pottersville Road). 

Please visit www.taichistrong.com or Balance & Flow LLC on Facebook